White Ideas offer bespoke software engineering services to create unique software products for our
We leverage Microsoft Visual C++, MFC, STL, COM, ATL and many other technologies and languages to
develop innovative and intuiative software solutions.
Our solutions can be targetted at standard Windows PCs, Industrial PCs, Touch Screen systems or even
thin client systems, for example Wyse thin client terminals.
All solutions will be fully integrated, and can also be integrated into existing sytems, including but not limited to Microsoft Outlook
and Microsoft Office, if required.
Full requirements, design, coding, test and help documentation will be supplied as agreed prior to
commencing the project.
Iterative development model, allowing requirements to be adjusted during product development, mimicing
real world requirement evolutions.
Full training documentation will be supplied as part of the project deliverables, and if necessary, on site
training sessions can be organised.
For those situations where extra resources are required we also have access to a highly experienced team of of engineers with skills
from user interface design, to mathematical analysis expertise to robot control, machine vision and vacuum pump control.