Software Development Full Life Cycle Project Development
Website Development White Ideas are able to take on the complete development of a software
System Support project, and will work closely with your management and engineering teams
System Training to provide frequent status and progress reports.
Internally we follow an iterative process, where the system functionality is
built up over a series of software releases. The number of iterations will
depend largely on the size of the project. Time is planned in the cycle to
evaluate the results and measure progress of the project.
The iterative process provides more frequent updates on progress and expenditure, compared with a
Waterfall development model. The increments allow feedback to be obtained from customers, both
internal and external. This allows the requirements to be modified as the project progresses, for
example requirements can be removed or improvements added.
Project documentation will include the customer requirement specification, software designs,
test plans, test results and software documentation, including help files where required.
We are happy to take on all sizes of project provide maintenance for legacy systems.
We are always interested in discussing any such requirements you may have.
Small Projects
From developing entire applications, to implementing a plugin mechanism,
upgrading between diffefent versions of databases to replacing legacy file
systems or drivers, creating custom installation scripts to external
independant testing, no project is too small.
Whether we are fully developing an entire product for internal or external
consumption, you will benefit from our dedication and extremely high quality
standards. Our entire team comes from an ISO 9001 background, ensuring rigid attention to the details
that bring quality to our service.
Requirements specifications and Test plans will be developed in conjunction with all parties to ensure
clear acceptance criteria. Other deliverables will include design and coding documentation as well as
test results to assist in the acceptance process.
Maintenance of Legacy Products
White Ideas are happy to provide full or partial maintenance services for
existing software systems, allowing you to move key team members onto
new projects, or reduce costs.
For systems with little or no documentation we can reverse engineer the
software to allow controlled maintenance and improvement. We can even port
the software to new platforms and languages.
White Ideas are able to follow processes and mechanisms already in place within your organisation or if
required can analyse your support requirements and recommend products, procedures and systems as
needed. In some circumstances we can even run your support systems and transparently interact
directly with your end users.
We are specialists in developing Microsoft Windows applications for desktop
and industrial use, including touchscreen applications.
The technologies we use for our development include, but are not limited to:
        Microsoft Visual C++,
        Microsoft Access,
        Microsoft SQL Server,